Favicon added to Blog Niches

Hi there again!

Today, I added favicon “Favorite Icon” to my blog niches.

I changed the tagline of my 7 Figure Diary web-blog.

I also started adding post articles to my blog niches, build links, pingings, and promoting it by putting affiliate links on it.

Soon . . . I will add subscription and donation “Call-To-Actions”.

Aljun, P.S.


Follow Me and Links added to Blog Niches

November 5-6, 2010: I attended the Leadership Training. It was fun and very successful. I met new friends and learned a lot of things.

Today, I attended a Seminar and it was feel good. Anyway, back to my 7 Figure Diary. I created my accounts at Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

I also added “Follow Me” and “Links” widget or gadget at the right sidebar of my blog niches.

Compensation Disclosure Page and FeedBurner added to Blog Niches

Hi there, I’m back again to my 7 Figure Diary. Celebrating halloween is fun especially the trick or treat idea.

Anyway, Today I added a Compensation Disclosure Page to my blog niches including this blog. One of the main purpose of this page is to let the visitors know that you are the owner of this blog and compensated by posting advertisements, etc. – Read More.

Here’s the FREE SAMPLE that you can also use to your blog niches – Click Here.

I also integrated FeedBurner to my blog niches because I’m planning to build a lists by putting either subscription form or button alone.

Soon . . . i will start adding articles to my blog niches, build links, generate free traffics, and pull advertiser’s products for conversions.

Aljun, P.S.

Meta Verification and Google Analytics added to Blog Niches

Today, I verified my six(6) blog niches including 7 Figure Diary to google dot com, yahoo dot com, and bing dot com using meta verification method by placing a meta verification code inside the head tag of the index page.

This will allows the search engines crawl and indexed post/pages easily. For google meta verification – Click Here,  yahoo meta verification – Click Here, and bing meta verification – Click Here.

I also added google analytics so that it can track number of visitors the visits my blog niches and determines where they come from and the most searched keyword terms.

Aljun, P.S.

Privacy Policy Page to Blog Niches

For BEST and FREE Privacy Policy Generator tool – Click Here.

Hi there! Today I added a Privacy Policy page to my 7 Figure Diary web-blog and also to my five(5) blog niches found in the right sidebar – Blogroll. I also changed the Tagline and added widgets like Blogroll and Meta.

One of the main purpose of the Privacy Policy is to let the visitors know that their information or privacy is very important and the website can be trusted. Read More about Privacy Policy.

So far, here’s the BEST and FREE Privacy Policy Generator tool I used – Click Here.